Toad in a Hole

I have been quiet lately! I found out that I gained 2.5 pounds (i know, it’s not a big deal, but still!) so I have been trying to not bake totally unhealthy food at all hours of the day! I do have a few things I want to post, but not very much time! For now, I wanted to post pictures of one of my best, most favorite breakfast foods ever~ TOAD IN A HOLE!

Deanna taught me this one (best mother-in-law-ish ever for doing so!). It is super simple and super tasty. I found a video recently by Padma going through how to make one. I do it essentially the same way, but I will lay it out just in case!

I start with a greased up pan and I butter both sides of a piece of toast. Using a small glass, I cut the center out of the toast. Put the toast in the pan and put the middle piece of bread in the pan also, though not inside the toast. Crack an egg in the hole of the toast. Cook until egg is white on the outside. Flip both pieces of bread over and cook the other side. In general, it is near impossible to make the egg and toast flip over in a beautiful, clean way. It is less than attractive, but who cares~ it is tasty!

The most important part is to make sure the egg is still runny so you can dip the toast in it. The whole thing should take less than 5 minutes and is a great pretty healthy breakfast.

Word to the wise~ be careful when using pumpernickel bread. I had to do this for Kyle last week because he had to have one and all we had was pumpernickel. It tastes very yummy but it is really easy to burn the bread and not realize it!





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  1. this is WONDERFUL! one of my absolute favorite so far.


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