Hello world!

What a way to start a blog!

I have been baking for the past few years and am completely in love. I have never really been a homemaker kind of girl, but I have slowly become a full-blown Martha loving, Julia imitating, mess making fool. There is something about a recipe and the guarantee of the end result that simplifies it all. In baking, if I mix the given ingredients properly, I get heaven- a little slice, bite, or piece of heaven. I am not so sure about cooking though. I can bake my heart out, but I am just learning to cook. I know very little and the end result is usually a bit sloppy, not quite tasty. I want to start this blog (with Christy’s encouragement) to track my cooking (and baking) escapades. I want to learn the tricks of mix this get that for cooking, not just baking! It will be messy. It might not end up delicious. I might break down in the process for some of the recipes… but I am doing it. I might share some recipes, but mostly I am starting with secret family recipes… It is a process…

Let’s start with my biggest big girl recipe yet: Theresa’s homemade, from scratch, spaghetti with meat sauce. Theresa is my godmother who was also my nanny for the first many years of my life. I remember going to her house for steak on Saturdays and spaghetti most other nights. She is a typical Italian woman with out of this world Italian cooking. She is best known for her crab spaghetti, but we agreed that I need to start off basic (well, she said to just go for the crab sauce but it is too intimidating for me just yet!). I decided on a simple sauce with ground turkey (I can’t digest beef). So I got the recipe and the groceries and had it all planned out. Theresa told me it would be enough for dinner for Kyle and myself.

It turned out to be enough for probably 8-10 people! I made it in the biggest pot I had and the bubbling- OH THE BUBBLING! IT spilled down the edges. It got on the stove. It took forever. It was more than I could store.

But it tasted amazing! A bit more spicing next time, definitely more salt… but it wasn’t bad. It was actually a little bit good which is more than I had expected on my first try! I still have to call Theresa to let her know how it went, but overall it was such a success!

And I should note the smell. After about 20 minutes on the stove it started to fill the apartment and seeped to the whole building. Kyle got home from class and let me know he smelled it outside! It brought me back to childhood. I think everyone has those smells that instantly transport you to a place in childhood and this is mine. The smell of red sauce- THIS red sauce- made me instantly 5 years old watching the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo. It was so dear.



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